The Main Aim of the company isto provide the Clean and Quality Power for with Alternate  Power solutions from conventional  or Non conventional energy resources. Encourage  Individuals,Institutions & all entities  to use Non conventional energy resources by providing the energy solutions cheaper than the available GOVT subsidy rates with better warranty terms thus to give our little participation to reduce the carbon emission and to save our mother EARTH and  to tide away  the Power crisis.




 We can provide dirt cheaper  alternate energy solutions to industries. We have solutions for even tiny and cottage industries that require power. In this regard we are proud to help small industries to become grid independant.

  • EPC work of utility scale Solar Power Plants.

  • Owners Engineers

  • Solar water Pump

  • Textile loom solution

  • silk Reeling unit solution

  • Dye unit solution.

  • Disel generater alternate solution

  • RoopTop solar solutions


  • CHARGE CONTROLLERS & Solutions for Existing online ups

We also deal with the following Products


  1. UPS( on line and Offline) from 600VA to 550 KVA Manufactured or imported.

  2. Servostabilizers (air/oil cooled) from 2.5 KVA to 110 KVA with any input voltagerange

  3. Inverters(Offline)  250VA  to 1MVA. ( Including Home UPS)

  4. Batteries– Industrial, Solar, Inverter ( 7AH to 40000AH). Automative is notavailable at present.may be included in future.

  5. SolarPanels ( 12V, 24V ) Poly crystalline  20W to 300 W each.

  6. SolarCharge controllers   Normal / MPPT  from 12/24V- 15 A to 12/24/48/96/120V- up to 110 A ratings . – Self designed and Imported.

  7. The complete Solar- Wind  - GRID – Generator  solutions up to 5KW.( options as per requirements)

  8. Diesel Generator 05 KVA to 62.5 KVA.

  9. LED lightings for domestic and solar applications.


and more


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