Solar Modules

We offer solar modules at very attractive prices. Soon will be offering multi brand solar modules. Hefty discount eligible for volume purchase.

Imported modules available

25 Years Power warrenty.

Thinfilm , Mono crystaline , Multy crystaline modules available.

1W to 300W MNRE approved and IEC or Euro tested modules available.

The solar photovoltaic modules are composed of high quality mono- or multicrystalline cells. These cells are embedded in highly transparent EVA, covered by tempered glass and surrounded by a strong aluminum frame. This results in maximum protection against hostile environments and prepares the modules for outside installations.

Quality measures:

      •   quality check of each cell:
      •   quality check at each state of production
      •   single and multi flash tests of every produced module
Within our product range of 3-270 Wp we can offer many different variations on our products according to our customer requirements.

Marvel energy tech

Modules from Marvel Energy Tech are branded an characterized by :

  • High-quality cells
  • Wide power-range
  • Bypass diodes to avoid effect of partial shading
  • Anodized aluminum alloy frame
  • Tempered glass for rugged protection.
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility
  • IEC 61215 certification by EuroTest and TUV
  • Competitive price-performance ratio




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