Solar Charge Controllers

PWM based Solar Charge Controller

  1. Input panel voltage              -           15V to 78V
  1. Battery Voltages                   -           12V,24V,36V and 48V
  1. Solar Charging currents      -           10 Amp,20 Amp, 30 Amp and 40 Amp
  1. Charging efficiency                         -           97.5%
  1. Casing                                    -           ABS plastic casing
  1. Input/ Output terminals       -           copper wires with thimbles


           FEATURES LIST


  1. Smart tracking control that maximizes the energy harvest from photovoltaic panel
  2. Upto 30% more energy conversion efficiency as compared to on/off and PWM type
  3. Battery can be charged faster, in shorter duration
  4. Even in cloudy weather, battery can get charged faster
  5. Higher voltage PV panel can be used to charge lower voltage battery
  6. Reduction in wire thickness and  hence cabling cost
  7. Benefits of MPPT are more when battery is frequency discharged
  8. Low battery cut-off protection
  9. Battery overcharge protection
  10. Reverse polarity protection: Battery,PV and Load
  11. Load protection : overload, short circuit
  12. Prevents reverse battery current into PV panel at night




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