Solarator is a combination of solar module , Charge controller and associated cables. It is used to charge the batteries of the normal UPS.  IT's  more usefull where  prolonged or  regular daytime POWER CUT takes place. It is the only option when you need power and  batteries are not getting charged fully.

     Major components of thes system are 1) SOLAR MODULE, 2) SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER, 3) Panel wiring cable 4) battery charging cables with Alligator clips.

    Solar modules capacity is choosen proportional to the total AH capacity of the batteries employed in the existing UPS. we recommend 150% of the battery ah. The module voltage as to be matched to ups system voltage. For example in asituation where two 135AH batteries are used in series(1440VA inverter and 24V system) and   12V 100Wp Solar modules are available  then two strings are to be formed and both strings are to connected in parallel at the panel input of the charge controller. However if 24V 200Wp modules are available both modules are to be connected in parallel at the panel input terminals of the solar charge controller. Even the solar module capacity can be matched at 100% of the Installed AH where power cut is not much.

       For a single battery UPS we have to find the panels rated  for 12V out put and the capcity can be met by simply connecting required number of panels in parallel at panel input of the charge controllers.

           It is also advised not to be surprised to find 24V panels connected to single battery system as the charge controllers are capable to handle the conversion.  THe solar charge controller cuts off when battery is fully charged. Be warned wastage of solar energy generated in that situation.

        MARVEL ENERGY TECH manufactures charge controllers of highly rugged and reverse protected charge controllers. Solar modules are protected against reverse current. Battery reverse connection or panel reverse connection will not damage the system.



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