Solar Electrical system

Photovoltaic systems (PV system) use solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity. A system is made up of one or more solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, a DC/AC power converter (also known as an inverter), a racking system that holds the solar panels, electrical interconnections, and mounting for other components. Optionally it may include a maximum power point tracker (MPPT), battery system and charger, solar tracker, energy management software, solar concentrators or other equipment. A small PV system may provide energy to a single consumer, or to an isolated device like a lamp or a weather instrument. Large grid-connected PV systems can provide the energy needed by many customers. The electricity generated can be either stored, used directly (island/standalone plant), or fed into a large electricity grid powered by central generation plants (grid-connected/grid-tied plant), or combined with one or many domestic electricity generators to feed into a small grid (hybrid plant).[1] Systems are generally designed in order to ensure the highest energy yield for a given investment.


Titan SolarCo (not verified)(Tue, 08/01/2013 - 17:16)

Thank you so much kkismu, solar electric system is like a boon for this century's human. The sun that is called the main source of Energy. we use solar penels to convert solar energy into electric and use our daily work.

Solar system


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