It Is a mode of operation rather than different equipment. It is available in both domestic and commercial versions. Commercial versions are of larger capacity and no other difference virtually.

                    The purpose of this mode is to use the solar energy when battery is full. In Solar mode of operation, when battery is fully charged the solar charger will be cut off and solar energy generated is wasted.

The operation can be best understood with the block diagram and the table of states

1. When Battery became Fully charged and sun is shining

             i) Utility power (feeding the loads) will be turned off and Inverter becomes on. Thus Energy from battery and the solar panel will be used to feed the loads.

2. after condition #1 if battery voltage falls to 12V( or 24 v as per the sytem [or no of batteries * 12])

             i) Inverter will stop and utility power will supply the Loads. Solar charge controller will charge the batteries.

These two steps repeat till sun shines.

 when sun is not shining unit will operate like Solar mode. This Is optimum for Office and homes using power during day time.



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